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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Top Theories

"I think that season two will be about how Miles, Caitlin, rich, doughtery, and of course Nim all team up in order to help save peoples lives by Somehow telling Nim to make the creatures hold back and not kill humans. while that happens i think that Caitlin is going to start changing just like miles because it looked like Nim healed her just like he healed miles, and they are going to find there way to "Mr. Big's" "layer" where all of the formulas are and try to find something like a antidote to try and stop the transformation, while Rich and doughtery try to find out what happened to Jackson and rich still tries to find the truth about his missing brother by investigating the tunnel to the bottom of the earth." -XxKeNtUcKyBoYxX7

"What is the gooey stuff on the outside of the nims? Miles had it on his hands when he was with Caitlyn. They seem to emit it. It seemed like they said early on it was fire proof, or the creatures were, and I assumed it played a part in healing miles. So it has all kinds of properties. I figured that the creatures had some miraculous properties to survive in the earth’s core, underwater and on land and then to imply healing powers as well.Martha Plimpton talked about a scientist who created something that was not used for its intended purpose. She implied that she had done a similar thing and iderdex had taken her creation and used it for different purposes. So if she created the nims it was for their “powers” which I think is related to the gooey stuff, heat resistance and healing powers.Also the flower object? Didn’t it grow “into” the refrigerator at drug runners hideout? Did it seek out the electricity and over take the unit entirely, because is was powered by it or somehow or what? There was definitely a relationship to electricity and that plant. And we know what nim can do electrically. And now miles." -Christine

"The Firm could get its' origons from the future. Were the world's ecology is about to collapse from the damage humans have done over the centuries. To correct this they use advanced genetic knowledge to create a bio-mechanoid device that can push something into the past. They decide to send a bio-archive of genetic information and history. This archive is the plant, and when it comes into contact with someone it releases electrical signals into the brain imparting memories.Kessler could have touched the flower and it imparted him with the knowledge of genetics. Allowing him to do everything he has been able to do. This also explains why in episode 9 he tells (if he is the gardener) Lee to not touch the plant.The sample plant might have been an attempt to create another bio-archive. But not as succsesful.Now I believe Kessler created the Nimsters to try and destroy the current human society then die off leaving no ecology left. After that he would awaken the cryogenic chambers and create a stable world. He can then use the new bio-archive he has to impart the knowledge of what will happen if they do what humans did the first time around. After that he can rule like a god, releasing plaques and creatures to teetch humans a lesson if they start destroying the environment again." -Kentrien

"The firm is being controlled by crazies that somehow made themselves live for a LONG time and want to reset the planet both geologically and ecologically the way they want it. They engineer a virus that transforms animals into something that can be programmed to "edit" the world's geography, spread the virus, and eliminate all forms of life that won't change. The virus is made so that the animal infected can be killed by a fluid or powder released from the flower thing instantly. They start by cloning an animal that reproduces extremely quickly and infecting it with the virus. They somehow create a super bunker DEEP underground to store EVERY species that ever existed and many new species in simple genetic samples. They plan out the new world's ecosystems and once the process is complete they jumpstart the planet's wildlife. I still can't think of a reason why they would do this if it is true, but then again they could just be crazy and this is JUST a theory."-Boxer

"The change happening in Miles is also very intriguing. Its seems like he's going to become "the one." He'll play a big role in bringing some sort of solution-- i just hope he doesnt lose his girlfriend in the process.There is NO WAY Jackson was working for the evil side. I wont believe it for a minute! I'll be completely subdued if its true." -Becky

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